Residential & Commercial

I'll be happy to team up with you on both commercial and residential projects!

Pinterest Envy

Show me the pictures on Pinterest that make you drool and I'll incorporate them into your design.

Kitchen & Bath

Cabinets, appliances, fixtures, tile, and more! I can even do complete designs from scratch.


Having trouble getting organized? I help with that, too! I'll come see what items you're trying to get organized, offer tips on cutting down on clutter, and setup a day when I come organize your space.

Paint & Wallpaper

Trying to decide which wall covering? I'll guide you through the selection process: paint, wallpaper, and beyond!


Tile? Wood? Wood tile? carpet? Stained concrete? I'll show you samples and tell you the pros and cons of each.


Ah Edison bulbs. But are they practical? LEDs worth the cost? Black, white, chrome, oiled bronze, which fixture color? I'll talk through your options and we'll select what works best in your space.

Outdoor Spaces

I work outdoors, too! Fire pit or fire place? Pergola or solid roof? I'll come up with a plan based on your style and how you want to use the outdoor area.

Decor, Accessories, Art

Vases, doo dads, decorative books, indoor plants, organizers, or just a clean surface. Everyone has different preferences. I'll select ones based on your space and style.

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Remodels & New Construction

I work with new builds - starting from scratch - and renovations - starting with several things already set.

Space Planning

Have an open concept floorplan? Can't decide where to put the dining room and where to put the living room? I'll draw a floorplan and put in your furniture so we can plan how everything will flow best.

3D Renderings

Want to see what it will all look like when done? This is a good service to choose if you're gutting a house, constructing a new building, or making major renovations you want to visualize all put together.

Overseeing of Installation

Want me there to make sure the workers are following the plans? This is a very common service, especially when a lot is being done or when the owners can't be present.

Project Management

I can handle all of the details of your plans, from acquiring building permits, to drawing up all the details, to selecting contractors, to going shopping for furniture.

Rental Interiors

It can be frustrating to not be allowed to paint your home when you're renting. I'll provide you with options that bring color and style, without going against your contract. You'll feel like your space is finally your own!


Furniture selection can make or break an interior. It can also be expensive. I'll work with your budget to provide you with furniture options you'll love!

Window Treatments

Window treatments can be tricky. So many options. So many personal preferences: she likes blinds, he prefers curtains, neither of them like the two combined. Solution? We'll look through all the options and come up with a game plan.

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